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An insight into sanitation equipment and procedures

Hygiene and sanitation practices are an integral pillar of your operations to promote a workplace environment that is healthier and more conducive to productivity. Your company’s ability to implement a robust and strategic Sanitation and Hygiene master plan increases your efficacy in maintaining a clean environment that is safe from infections and disease.

At Acumen, our sanitation and hygiene practices include, and are not limited to the below pillars for this scope:

·       1. Sanitation Standard Operating procedures – All custodians will be trained and provided clear, written SOP’s that fall into the scope of their duties. These documents contain pertinent information to effectively perform the desired janitorial tasks, such as the following: the individual(s) responsible for the task, appropriate chemicals (in accordance with food safety), personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety measures, frequency of cleaning, steps of cleaning execution, and verification measures.

·       2. Chemical Selection & Use – Acumen’s cleaning chemicals abide by food safety requirements and will be pre-approved by the client before using them onsite. Safety documentation, MSDS, will be available onsite, and all employees will be trained on its proper use.

·       3. Cleaning and Frequency – Acumen will define an effective cleaning process geared towards the elimination of physical, chemical and microbiological risks based on ISO 22000/FSSC 22000 standards complemented with the client’s requirements and afterwards approved by the client together with cleaning validations.

·       4. Master Sanitation Schedule (MSS) – This schedule will be created/reviewed with the client’s support to encompass all janitorial routine and non-routine cleaning activities with defined cleaning frequencies, ensuring total coverage according to their internal requirements and Acumen’s knowledge of factory sanitation requirements.

·       5. Employee Training – All employees who are required to perform routine and non-routine janitorial tasks will be fully trained and records maintained. This includes adequate training knowledge of required practices and documentation and the chemical selection and safety handling specific to janitorial activities. Acumen’s leadership team is committed to performing follow-up audits to ensure compliance.

·       6. Documentation – Completing all janitorial cleaning activities is documented via checklists, and the client’s forms and records are maintained according to ISO 9001:2015 standards. The client can review these in preparation and during compliance audits.

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