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In the realm of Employee and Industrial Relations, Acumen serves as your trusted advisor, navigating the complexities of labour disputes, grievances, and legal compliance. Our services include:

– Resolution of trade disputes through conciliation with the Ministry of Labour

– Handling employee grievances and disciplinary matters

– Interpretation and administration of contracts

– Management of industrial actions such as strikes, lockouts, and picketing

– Conducting disciplinary hearings and providing mediation services

– Representation in the Industrial Court and negotiations of Collective Agreements

– Organization restructuring and management of retrenchments and redundancies

– Designing disciplinary codes and workplace policies in line with best practices

In the legal arena, Acumen’s legal area offers a comprehensive range of services, including:

– Representation in the Industrial Court and Ministry of Labour proceedings

– Legal advice on disciplinary matters and quantum of damages

– Counsel on Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) compliance

– Legal services extending to areas such as wills, probate, debt collection, insurance law, and commercial agreements

With Acumen, you have a dedicated team of legal experts ensuring proper governance and risk mitigation across various legal matters, from industrial relations issues to broader legal concerns spanning commercial agreements, maritime law, and more.